Besides the function of body temperature measurement, what else can Combros Sentinel bring to users?

4.0 Technology has been impacted on our life strongly, replacing many manual jobs &  un-effective labors.  Modern technology is also applied in many fields such as health, transportation, e-commerce, etc.  in order to help people save more time and unnecessary expenses. Combros Sentinel is not an exception. This is an intellectual product developed by Electrical, Electronic and Technological Engineers University of Technology (HCMC) with the prior purpose is to bring 4.0 technology into the community health care, thereby helping to prevent COVID-19 more effectively!

However, Combros Sentinel is not only a normal body temperature sensor device but also provides various functions that we can apply into our life. Let’s discover with us in upcoming articles !

Apply Combros Sentinel into Health-care aspect

Check your body temperature

Combros Sentinel is used to measure the temperature at the forehead with high accuracy (standard errors: 0.1 to 0.3 degrees). With highly effective sensors, Combros Sentinel will give accurate temperature results, quickly display on LED screen & alarm on the device body within 1-2 seconds.

Put the forehead into the temperature sensor module, the LCD screen will display the body temperature index.


Attached to the body temperature measurement device is the online data storage system. Only with this device which is connected to the Internet, you can look up total measurement of the whole day, as well as the total measurement with abnormal body temperature from Combros Sentinel!

thiết bị combros sentinel
thiết bị combros sentinel

From the statistics table, the automatic temperature measurement device helps users easily to control health & prevent COVID-19 more actively!

Apply Combros Sentinel into the management system

Replace the traditional timekeeper

Thanks to the storage function of time – location of each measurement, we can utilize Combros Sentinel to personnel management.

In addition, Combros Sentinel can statistically measure historical information from multiple devices located at different locations on the same online system.

Effective anti-theft device

The sensor on the device body can be adjusted the distance limit between users’ forehead & temperature sensor. Following this, the body temperature sensor can be added anti-theft function with the speakers emits sounds.

An Automatic Checking Body Temperature Solution Combros Sentinel

The leading anti Covid-19 solution

What is Combros Sentinel?

  • As an automatic checking body temperature solution using 4.0 technology, the system is a complete solution including measuring stations to check the body’s temperature, and the data packet is aggregated on the application server of cloud computing.
  • The system provides a positive solution for many situations, especially in disease control schemes characterized by high fever.

Function of body temperature measurement Combros Sentinel COVID-19:

  • Scanning body’s temperature, standard error 0.1-0.3 degree
  • Scanning time: 2-3 seconds
  • Warning/ Alert with temperature threshold
  • Warning indicator: red/green light, speaker
  • Synchronizing data to server/website
  • Statistics of measurements and corresponding body temperature values
  • Analyzing data, especially, threshold data – make some recommendation immediately

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