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Combros Sentinel: Mobile App User Manual

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Combros Sentinel: Mobile App User Manual – PDF

Mobile App User Manual

  • I. Getting Started 3
  • II. Home Screen 5
  • III. Scan Request Screen 6
  • IV. Find Nearby Station Screen 8
  • V. Profile Screen 9

I. Getting Started

Set up Account using smartphone

  1. Download Sentinel App from iPhone’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store.
  2. Touch on Sentinel Appicon and go through the Email verification process (see below).

Email Verification

  1. At the Email Verification page, input your email address and tap on the “Login” button. The server will send a verification code to your email. Check for the verification code and enter it into the field provided.

  1. If you do not receive the OTP, you can use the “Resend” button. Tap on the “Resend” button to request new code. Once received the otp code, enter it into the field provided.
  2. You will be asked to update information on the first time login. Once you fill out all the requested information, please tap on the “Save” button. After you sign in your account verification will have been completed.

II. Home Screen

The Sentinel app interface consists of 4 main functions: History, Scan Request, Personal information and Find Nearby Station

On the home screen display the scan history from newest first (top to bottom).

III. Scan Request Screen

Begin measuring body temperature by touching the “Scan Now” button/icon and scan the QR on the station.


Put forehead close to the device (the distance between forehead and device is 5 cm) during the countdown

The result will display mobile application after scan

  • Normal: < 38 °C
  • Abnormal or fever:  ≥ 38 °C

IV. Find Nearby Station Screen

We also provide “find nearby station” help you find nearby stations to check temperature or see any latest public information on that station.

V. Profile Screen

Edit Account Information (Fullname, Email Address, Phone number) and Sign Out the system

We can provide more additional fields to identity and verification: DoB, Gender, Social ID , Passport number, etc…

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