How to use the body teamperature sensor device – Combros Sentinel

Welcome to Combros Sentinel – an automatic checking body temperature sensor system with various useful functions. What can we do more with Combros Sentinel in case of not mentioning to the measuring body temperature function? How can we use other functions? Let’s see upcoming articles!

The structure of Combros Sentinel

Measurement device

The device includes:

  • Sensor module
  • Screen display
  • Indicator lights

Data statistics system

When owning an automatic body temperature sensor device – Combros Sentinel, You can have a personal account to check the history of measurement including:

  • Total of users within a day
  • Location – time by day
  • Statistics of threshold data


Checking body temperature

  • Step 1: Put forehead close to the device, waiting around 2 seconds
  • Step 2: Loot at the screen display & indicator lights to know the measuring result

If the light is Green: You are fine

If the light is Red: you are in a dangerous status & need to be checked by the hospital

How to review the History of Measurement & Data Statistics as required

  • Step 1: Visit the online data storage system of Combros Sentinel
  • Step 2:  You can watch the data by date or Statistics of threshold data

In order to know further information about Combros Sentinel, please contact us via:


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